A Poem

That night when I ceased to exist
(alternate title: After watching a season of Black Mirror)

Late one night, I looked up from my phone
And noticed you’d been gone for a year
Though it was late, I texted a mate
To meet at the pub for a beer
He was then occupied, so another I tried
Somewhere down on my contact list
But my battery croaked, and my charger was smoked
That night when I ceased to exist

I turned on my desktop and clicked on my mouse
But the task bar showed no Internet
I jiggled the cable, ‘neath the dining room table
And tapped on the router outlet.
No signal arrived, and so I contrived,
That the problem required an assist
But with no means to connect, I became circumspect
That night when I ceased to exist

I went out the door to summon a cab
Waving my hand in the air
But the peer-to-peer hacks, were set in the tracks
All summoned by Uber elsewhere.
So I took to the street, on my desperate feet
Where the sidewalkers barely persist
But without GPS, I could hardly egress,
That night when I ceased to exist

I wandered for hours in the cold and the rain,
Not a soul could be seen on the street
The skyscraper light, obscured all the night
Among swarming of networks replete
In a virtual town, with no one aground,
I could find not a life to enlist
So I turned over my fate, to a cell phone update
That night when I ceased to exist