Changes of Income and Housing Value in Hamilton

Here’s an interactive map you can use to look at the average annual changes in income and dwelling value in Hamilton, Ontario from 2000 to 2015.  Zoom in with the +/- sign, and navigate around with your mouse.  Click on a house icon to see average annual change in dwelling value, and on the area immediately surrounding it to see the average annual change in income.  Positive values indicate an increase, and negative values indicate a decrease.

Methodological details

Data are from the census at the dissemination area level.  Missing data are excluded from the map; this includes any DA for which data were missing for any of the years between 2000 and 2015.  The numbers are the slopes of the linear trend fitted to the four Census years (2000,2005,2010,2015).  So in short, these represent average linear change over the 15 year period.  The values have been divided by 5 (the between census interval) to give an annual average.   All data are in 2015 dollars using Bank of Canada inflation adjustments.